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“Trophies don’t come for those who whine…”

Admittedly, I am obsessed with award shows. I love the outfits, the magic, the singing, the speeches, the tributes… We posted a bunch of our favorites on social – Darren Criss and his “dream big” inspirational speech (with a special shout out to Jamie’s alma mater, University of Michigan) stopped us in our tracks. Truth is, a lot of these people just simply have never given up. Even the Fonz finally won – decades after his career began…
And yet, with all of my fan girl feelings, I sometimes pause and say: “Come on, they make a ton of money and only work a few months a year. They have their dream jobs and WE have to reward them more for doing a good job???? UGH.” There I am tagging, posting, sharing, oohing and aahing, but wouldn’t it be nice for the rest of us to get a reward or an honor or a slap on the back sometimes?
The rest of the world (that’s us) need to wake up every day, put on our game face, stay motivated, stay inspired and put one foot in front of the other! It ain’t easy being green (@kermit thanks, buddy).
Here is the hard truth (and I am sure some Emmy awarded actors could comment, but they probably won’t read this *wink wink*) We may not get the gold trophy. We may not get the huge bonus, or the bump in title, or the promotion. We may have to work long hours. We may not always enjoy our colleagues or even the work we do…but guess what, it’s our journey. It’s our choice. It’s our award show. We are driving. Don’t forget you are in control of your own life. You choose. You can move on. You can dream big. You too, can never give up. You are en route on your own journey, approach each chapter with positive energy – that’s YOUR job for yourself!!! To boot, while reading our open jobs and dishing out your own dose of negative on your current job, remember, real life is not a ball gown and a gold trophy. Remember, every job, even the new ones, will come with their pluses and minuses. And remember, accolades come from within, not from others. Pat yourself on the back and look in the mirror and congratulate yourself for giving your best shot…and when you don’t, and you know when you don’t, do me a favor and try harder tomorrow…because the trophies don’t come for those who whine, they come for the ones who earn it.
P.s. I love your outfit. You were great in that meeting today. Congrats on an email well written. And oh yeah, if you are afraid of taking a risk or pushing yourself far out of your comfort zone… maybe, just maybe think of our friend, Glenn Weiss, who proposed on a stage in front of the world on live television. He made his moment, and we can all learn from it. (Still thankful he won and relieved she said yes, aren’t you?)
XO, Marissa*

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