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the dreamcatchers web

After years of people turning to us to think, talk, and grow business, we created a plan to cultivate community for incredible people to empower one another – the dreamcatchers web. We were excitingly set to kick off this incredible arm of our business as part of our lead with light event slated for 4/26. And we, like everyone else, have had to take pause and some SERIOUS inventory.

It’s safe to say that our landscape is now forever different. And we honestly don’t know what the world will look like in the next few weeks. What we do know is that it’s on ALL of us not only to wash our hands, but also to make sure we do our jobs. We need to #workfromhometogether and #collectivelyrise. Now (more than ever), we have reason to connect and to collaborate and to be inspired as we struggle to catch our breath in this new, very “not normal” scenario. There is no wrong because there is no right.

So, with that thought in mind and the utmost respect to the universe who “winked” at us and said it’s time to bring the launch date way up…we are thrilled to announce the dreamcatchers web, an inclusive professional membership network dedicated to cultivating community and providing content about career, inspiration + making magic. This network is for you if:

  • YOU are at any level of your career, from new grad to senior management, and could use a professional hug
  • YOU are craving MORE, seeking collaboration, inspiration, and personal/professional development
  • YOU are a business-minded professional, lead a team or mentor staff and could use your own dose of magic
  • YOU know first-hand that your VIBE attracts your TRIBE
  • YOU have goals to grow, either yourself or your business, and are seeking ways to do so organically
  • YOU are constantly seeking new and different ways to chase, make, and CATCH your DREAMS while trying to ignite others around you to do the same

It’s interesting to see how our playing field has been leveled; how humbling it is to look to our favorite gurus for guidance and leadership, all of whom are going through this with us. Because of that, our inaugural members will be the leaders in our community who were going to fill our stages and panels. So far, we have announced the following dreamMAKERS…more to come soon. Check out their full bios here.

  1. Kristine Deer, founder and CEO of athleisure super brand K-Deer
  2. Bridget Riepl, founder of NJ Yoga Collective and Vibe Well Festivals
  3. Sarah Personette, VP of Twitter Global Client Solutions

Join us today (click button above, click tickets, scroll down, then choose web). Our lucky number has always been 23, so we decided to make our introductory price for this membership $46, for the two of us…and also in honor of our Grandma Bebe’s birthday on 4/6. For a limited time, we are offering a 50% discount off our membership, making our price ACTUALLY our lucky number (aka $23). A portion of our proceeds will benefit The Mental Health Association of Monmouth County because now, more than ever, we need to bring light to the darkness.

As a dreamCATCHER, your membership will include but will not be limited to:

1. Placement in a “Constellation” (an individualized group of stars) based on your needs – we will then arrange networking sessions for others in the web with similar goals
2. Exclusive access to curated content specific to your career needs (whether you’re a dreamMAKER or a dreamCHASER) – think Linkedin reworks, social media must-dos, resume rewrites, how to make your first hire, how to have a difficult conversation, networking 101, and more
3. Online/Zoom conference mentoring sessions with Marissa, Jamie and their team
4. When applicable, early access to our events and opportunities to connect directly with our panelists
5. First dibs on hearing our podcast episodes before the public
6. Access to our exclusive members-only Facebook group

We look forward to seeing you on this (now virtual) journey as we #aspiretoinspire and #leadwithlight.

Find more information here!

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