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Saying Goodbye to Summer Fridays?


Today is the day that all Summer Friday participates dread: the first full Friday. This day comes every year the week after Labor Day and it is a painful reminder that summer is over and the fun in sun is just a memory…but what if it didn’t have to end?

Summer Friday’s organically developed in the last several years as a perk for companies to offer employees a built in benefit without it being an overhead cost. We all know summer slows things down a bit and by letting staff indulge in early departure tends to warm everyone up a bit.

Giving an opportunity and/or a forced break to tag out is fun. Companies and industries as a whole are engaging in a Summer Friday – why be at work if your client is not at work – and marketing the idea to those who are still at work to use the built in time to be proactively productive.

Year round… it could intensify efficiency. The secret between all of us grown ups is that Friday is the day to kick back a little. If you allow the forced break, chances are your staff will be that much more efficient during the hours they are in office.

As with any suggestion that one can make to management or HR, make sure to do your research. Find examples that are likeminded, i.e. clients who are similar. If suggesting something like this, be prepared to sacrifice throughout the week to offset the perpetual Summer Friday. For example at our office, we stagger our benefits: some staff leave early, but they also come in a little earlier… and that benefit is rotated throughout the department. It’s all about balance.

So there you have it: our plea for year-round Summer Fridays. Our plea also begs the question: will our new normal just be called ‘Friday’?

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