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Saying Goodbye to our Summer 2018 Intern Jami!

As the summer begins to wind down, we sadly also have to send off our Summer 2018 Intern, Jami. She has been with us for the past 8 weeks learning all about what we do at Choice – from client visits, to shadowing days, to our every day routine of meeting candidates. Before she heads back to finish her senior year at the University of Michigan, we asked her to write one final blog post about her time with us. See below for her sentiment on being a part of our crazy team this summer.

Ivy, Cassie, and Jami at the 2018 Handbag Awards!

At the beginning of the summer, I really wasn’t sure what to expect during my internship at Choice Fashion and Media. With few HR-focused internship opportunities out there, I was ecstatic to have scored this one after communicating with Jamie for a few weeks. I assumed that this position would entail the typical intern things: maybe some coffee runs here and there, watching a few people work on their computers, and perhaps a simulated final project at the end. This was not my experience at Choice, and I am so thrilled to say that I learned more real-world HR practices than I could have imagined. I was able to work on active projects, sit in on real candidate meetings, and shadow at real clients.

The purpose of an internship is to learn about how a company operates in order to gain experience and guide your future career path. This internship was such a valuable experience not only because I learned about how the Choice Fashion and Media office operates, but also because I learned about the structure of three very different offices. For that reason, my two shadow days were obvious highlights. Meeting with clients in person during the Richmond Spider Shadow Day was helpful because it made everything that was going on in the Choice office seem that much more tangible to me. PVH Corp. and Likeable Media have very distinct office environments. As someone who is interested in HR for a future career, seeing the structural differences in those companies and their HR departments was eye-opening and will definitely help me when I am searching to begin my own career.

Another great out-of-office experience was my shadow day at Tiffany & Co. As a numbers person, I had wondered whether there was an opportunity to combine those skills with an HR position. Jamie set up a shadow day for me with a dear friend of Choice who works in compensation and benefits. It is hard to envision yourself in a certain career until you gain exposure to it, so this day was useful because now I have a grasp on what compensation and benefits really is.

Aside from my time outside of the office, I learned so many valuable skills from simply observing the women at Choice. Something that particularly stands out to me is the opportunity I had to listen in on candidate phone calls and sit in on meetings. During these meetings, I learned the proper way to interact with a candidate, the right kind of questions to ask in order to be the best help, and how to professionally address a problem if something arises. Additionally, I really enjoyed the projects that I did on LinkedIn and other job sites to help generate candidate and client leads.

I am so grateful for this opportunity this summer. It was better than I ever would have expected because of the real-world experience that I gained. When beginning my career after graduation, I will keep in mind everything that I learned here this summer.

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