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Staffing Events in Boston–New York & Northern New Jersey

There are several things that separate us from other staffing agencies. One is our interview process. We interview 5 to 10 people at a time where 3 interviewers participate. Our goal is to see how each person handles themselves within a large group. We look for attentiveness, personality, attitude and appearance. We staff our events as a casting company working on a play or a movie would staff the many different roles. We have stars and supporting players. They are all wonderful and we embrace them all. In a very short time, they become our extended family.

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“Pleased? Understatement!!! We continue to be amazed and delighted by EVERYONE who is associated with Choice Events Staffing! I would love to single out one or two people, but I can’t because everyone came through for us continually. Of course there is a special place in our hearts for Kristen, Vanessa and Michael, and one of our new fav’s Erica! But it would be unfair to single out one, two, three or four people when everyone was superb. I was speaking to Pat about next year…and she was absolutely enamored by this year’s team. I know the two of you discussed next year and we look forward to continuing our relationship! …Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!”

Chris Plunkett, Audio Engineering Society, Inc.

Choice Event Staffing

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Our Services

Every Choice Event staff member is extremely personable, possesses an exceptional work ethic, has excellent social skills great problem solving ability, and an important quality we like to call “uncommon sense.” They will bring all these traits to any assignment they are asked to perform.

We provide the following services:

  • Meeting Planners
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Printer Clerks
  • Costume staff
  • Show Office
  • Bag Stuffers
  • Sales Help
  • Set up and shut down staff
  • Supervisors
  • Models
  • Directionals
  • Press Office
  • Host/Hostesses
  • Cashiers
  • Line Monitors
  • Labor
  • Registration Help
  • Demonstrators
  • Room Monitors
  • Speaker Office
  • Bi-Lingual Staff
  • Mic-Runners
  • Information staff


“I have several shows across the country each year and hiring temporary staff in each city is a regular occurrence. However, this last show in New York City was one of my most challenging and stressful conferences to date. The staff provided by Choice [Event Staffing] were the best I have seen thus far. Each person was a top level professional of the highest caliber. They handled the most difficult registrants and each challenge with class and ease. Their computer skills were spot on as well. The supervisors I was provided were on top of everything and were also of the highest caliber. I have absolutely zero complaints, nor did I get any complaints from others. If you work in tradeshows, you know this is not as common as it would seem. I was able to focus on the conference itself and it was comforting to know I did not have to worry about the registration staff. I look forward to working with Steve and his team again. Thank you Steve!”

Shalece Pollock, Registration Manager | Global Exhibitions, informa


We would be very happy to provide you with rates for all your positions.
Please include the job duties and schedules for each position, and we will respond as soon as possible.
Click the button below to email about events either in New York & New Jersey or in Boston.

What Separates us from the rest


There are three permanent staff members in my group that do nothing but staff and supervise events. Between the three of them, they have supervised close to a thousand events. Together, we interview prospective staff in groups of 6 to 10 people. I am 100% involved in the interviewing and have been doing this for over 25 years. THAT COMES OUT TO OVER FOUR THOUSAND EVENTS. While we interview we watch the candidates closely and take note of how they speak, as well as their behavior while others are speaking. When the interview is over we discuss each and every candidate and need to answer the following questions:

  1. Do we want this person to represent Choice Event Staffing?
  2. What jobs can they do that we would feel comfortable assigning them?
  3. What types of events would be best suited for each person?



We staff events as a casting director works in casting a film. The people we send to a drag convention are not necessarily the same staff we would send to a corporate event.

When we receive a schedule we immediately begin filling the orders, and we staff by committee. We have a group staff meeting, and we staff the event as if we were casting people for a major motion picture. This means that we go through each assignment & choose the temp best suited to each role, from the parts that require people who can handle a great deal of responsibility, down to the people who may simply be scanning or giving directions. We send out their schedules, and a briefing if we have one. We confirm their assignments and then a week before their job actually begins, we call and confirm them once more.

Our group does nothing else but events. Therefore, our staff, which consists mostly of theater people, and professional staff, go from one event to another. They are experienced, personable, possess a great attitude and are very proactive.

Our permanent staff is blessed with an uncanny ability to select and manage events. They have excellent problem solving abilities, great people skills, ‘uncommon sense,’ and the intelligence to multi-task. Most importantly, they do not panic if / and when things go awry.


What People Are Saying About Choice Event Staffing....


“Finding the right temp staffing agency is tricky and can be a long, hard process; however, Choice Events made the process so simple. They were professional, great to work with, communicative and flexible with several last-minute changes. Their supervisors strived to understand our needs and staffing roles in order to provide us with the most qualified candidates for each position. The onsite staff from Boston was fantastic—timely arrivals, great attitudes and willing to help with additional tasks without any rebuttals. I was comforted in knowing Choice Events was taking time to interview candidates and references of their staff in Boston. Another comforting aspect was that Choice Events sent quite a few people from their experienced New York team to supervise and work the event. All in all, Choice Events is the best option for a staffing agency, and I will continue to work with them for many events and years to come!”

Emily Nelson, Registration Coordinator, Diversified Communications

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