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Covid Lag

A few months ago, I started to feel this feeling that I could not put into words.

My head was fuzzy a lot, I felt burnt out often, and I was easily distracted. I didn’t recognize myself. I couldn’t remember ever having a similar feeling. Did it feel like returning from a once in a life time vacation and needing a full 2 weeks to regain sea legs & get laundry put a way? Nah. Maybe it felt like the those first few days back at work after maternity leave? Kinda- but without the bliss and confusion.

This feeling was more powerful than jet lag. And, it hit me as I coined a term for what I am sure was nameless prior to now, that I couldn’t be the only one suffering from it.

“CovidLag”. – MLK definition- a sense of muck, disarray, sluggishness, confusion, hysteria, exhaustion, hope, malaise and several other feelings combined all into one overarching heavy cloud. CovidLag celebrates the process of reacclimation to life post (not quite post) pandemic.

Considering, we are far from “post”, I think it is safe to say we are all living in some “CovidLag” version of life. And it is far more uncomfortable and longer than I could have estimated. LOL.

Our professional (and personal) pace is slower, our patience more forgiving and also ironically more frazzled. I went to our NYC office last week for the first time in almost 7 months- and the mental energy it took to prepare my house, my virtual school, my commute, my anxiety, and my uninhibited joy about getting back to my other home and city… has taken me a full week to recover from and it was one day. With one meeting. I am a woman who runs life at 90mph. Pre-pandemic.

I am sharing this because I want (and need!) to normalize these feelings for all of you and also, “eek”, myself, and our team. We are picking up the pace, we are working on projects, but with every step forward, we feel like we are in quicksand.  I sometimes miss the intensity and vitality of our crazy hectic day to day NYC staffing firm world…but I know that I could not muster the energy to live in it right now. Not in this working mom, burn out, which end is up phase I am in. People in different stages of life are living their lives differently (or at least they seem to be)- maybe hopping on a plane here or there and living a bit… but I think all age groups feel the CovidLag. It comes in many shapes and forms (Should I post this pic? Should I check this email? Should I test/swab? Insert deep sigh, confusion, and all of the feels )

The anecdote for jetlag for me was always (ah a vacation, imagine?) was sleep, vitamins, Epsom salt baths, lavender… and to plan another vacation. Pretty sure those things wont be our cure all now, so – instead: I want to remind everyone of my favorite word right now- GRACE and phrase – its okay to be not okay (which is a great new song mind you)… and I thought it may be fun to shout out a bunch of the things that have helped me get through these last few months and ease my lag. Jamie (my sister & partner), the team, and I talk about Brand Crushes… a LOT.  And brand crushes – right now- mean that the company/brand exemplifies something we need, crave, or support in a tough time. (old fashioned heart felt praise and in our business that would be called organic PR)-Here goes: if you were to peek into my little world over the last few months you would find me surviving with:

My Comfy– it’s a blanket you can wear.  We even got one for Kellie (our staffing manager) for her birthday.

French Girl Nail Oil.

Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo- For Light tones (holding on for dear life)

Wander Beauty Eye Brow Gel  (are you getting this theme?)

Becca Intuitive Lipgloss (its just psychic, not a mood ring- thank goodness otherwise my lips would always be black or blue? Lol!)

All of my products from friends & client (YAY), Haoma

My Gravity blanket and my Manta Sleep Mask (these are NO joke) and my Recliner pajamas.

Schitts Creek, All American, and yes Outerbanks (remember Love is blind, Cheer, and Tiger King? And Unorthodox. Them too)

The PELOTON (xo Emma, Aly, Cody, Kendall, Olivia, Jess) Took me 2 years to ride it because I am Soul person, but guess what? Pandemic made me love it.

The ocean being nearby (can’t link that, that’s just geography but far from just)

100 percent, The Rock (Dwayne Johnson’s) tequila – Teremana and bags, cups, and containers of New Orleans flavor… from our local Rook Coffee

Things that I never expected to be important have been important & eased my transition during this wild time. I am crushing on these brands who continue to help me heal my CovidLag… and fingers crossed, I can do business with them one day, in some way or form… because I still dream big, even now.

ps- The truth is real. Speaking of knowing my truth- thankful I read – Glennon Doyle’s Untamed. And the classic, Many Lives Many Masters (so I could make sense of my crazy)

Take a peek at all we are working on, get cozy, be graceful… and yes, join our web. We are DOING a lot… (even though I have the lag…. ) because at the end of the day, we have to JUST KEEP LIVING (thanks Matthew!). Love to all of you- stay safe, sane, and well.


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