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Check Out Our Podcasts!

It has been a busy two months for Marissa and Jamie as they have dove into the world of podcasts – our team at Choice is so proud and excited! Take some time to listen to both, either on iTunes or the audio links below. We can’t wait for more!

To start, Marissa and Jamie were asked to be on the @BrandGroupies – a podcast that features unique, organic entrepreneurs of all different industries. The “Chief Groupie”, Carey Balogh, laughed and cried with M and J as they dove into everything related to work, life and all that surrounds dream-making. Take a listen! (Brand Groupies on iTunes Podcast)

The most recent podcast had Marissa flying solo on Paul Brodie’s called ‘Get Published’. Paul chats with published authors to get their tips and tricks of the trade in an effort to help aspiring authors. On this episode, Marissa talks all about her experience writing and publishing her children’s book series, The Dream Big Academy. She offers her advice and words of wisdom that is worth hearing whether you plan to write a novel or just need a pick-me-up. Take a listen: click HERE! (Get Published on iTunes Podcast)

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