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Admittedly, I am obsessed with award shows. I love the outfits, the magic, the singing, the speeches, the tributes... We posted a bunch of our favorites on social - Darren Criss and his "dream big" inspirational speech (with a special shout out to Jamie's alma mater, University of Michigan) stopped us in our tracks. Truth Read More

  Today is the day that all Summer Friday participates dread: the first full Friday. This day comes every year the week after Labor Day and it is a painful reminder that summer is over and the fun in sun is just a memory...but what if it didn't have to end? Summer Friday’s organically developed Read More

It has been a busy two months for Marissa and Jamie as they have dove into the world of podcasts - our team at Choice is so proud and excited! Take some time to listen to both, either on iTunes or the audio links below. We can't wait for more! To start, Marissa and Jamie Read More

As the summer begins to wind down, we sadly also have to send off our Summer 2018 Intern, Jami. She has been with us for the past 8 weeks learning all about what we do at Choice - from client visits, to shadowing days, to our every day routine of meeting candidates. Before she heads Read More

As the Choice Fashion and Media intern this year, I was asked to resurface a project that began a few years ago. A Choice intern created this project to track the success of former interns in the years following their time at Choice. With most of the Choice interns being rising college juniors and seniors Read More