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A few months ago, I started to feel this feeling that I could not put into words. My head was fuzzy a lot, I felt burnt out often, and I was easily distracted. I didn’t recognize myself. I couldn’t remember ever having a similar feeling. Did it feel like returning from a once in a Read more

Yes, I am a recruiter. Yes,  I am a salesperson. Yes, I do love getting someone a job. But the pieces of my “job” that are the most fulfilling and inspirational are not the pieces that compensate me. In fact, my love for helping others has ironically impeded my success in putting people to work. I Read more

4 weeks? 5? into quarantine, I am find myself discovering the the love language behind the word furlough- A word I had never heard before March 2020, but one I now embrace because it encompasses gift. For the last few weeks, I have been trying to find my voice. I am someone who claims to Read more

46 years of weathering storms (15 in the fashion + creative world) and we are here in #NYC ready to help our clients HEAL. We can send staff to the front lines, supply designers and sewers to help create supplies, help payroll staff, etc. We WILL carry the torch of light for small businesses and we Read more

To our Choice Fashion & Media Community: MOST IMPORTANTLY, I hope that you are well. That you are inhaling and exhaling. And that you are having pockets of normal thinking. My guess is that if you have been like us here at Choice, you are having extreme rational and irrational thoughts simultaneously while thinking irrelevant Read more