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If you follow us on social media, you would know that we attended and sponsored the first University of Michigan Fashion Media Summit (MFMS) - an event established by University of Michigan students that aims to connect students to real opportunities and connections in the fashion industry. The summit was the first annual one-day ‘conference’ Read More

Once upon a time in a long ago and far away place, my dog, Simba, was 10 months old, I was moving in with my future husband on the Upper East Side, and I had a picture frame business that was taking off (without social media). But then I got laid off, again. My resume Read More

Annya found us years ago while she was on a job search, and her story is about believing – believing in herself, believing in Choice, and believing in the process that got her to a happy and successful place. Although we couldn’t help her right away, she kept us in her inbox and continued to Read More

When working so close to Bryant Park, we can’t help but feel festive during the holiday season. There is so much to do at their Holiday Market that pops up every year and to keep it as least overwhelming as possible, we’re breaking down the must-dos! Ice skating: Every year Bank of America goes all Read More

Tis the season, gang. Your calendar is maxed out, as well as your wallet and, for a lot of us, our patience.  Here in NYC, things move quickly – quicker than everywhere else – and in times such as these, we need to be mindful of when the clock stops for a few minutes, just Read More