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Network the most when you need it the least… A favorite Choice saying… One that Jamie coined years ago and we have all celebrated in almost every candidate conversation since its inception! Just a quick note to all as we enter a month of being “mindfully thankful”. Sure, I have 10K connections on LinkedIn, but Read More

When my husband was in high school and college, he wanted to be a professional drummer. He tripped into a drum set when he was a boy and his father indulged him as a lover of jazz and encouraged him to learn the loudest instrument with his generous blessing. In my humble opinion, Dave was blessed Read More

For our audience at Choice Fashion & Media,  we are offering resume workshops with our team in turn for your generous donations to support the fight to end breast cancer!  Please see details below and bid whatever you feel comfortable by emailing Ivy ! Even a little means a lot. Xo Marissa Read More

When I joined Choice in 2005, we didn't have a website. We may have been one of the last companies in the world without a presence on the web. I didn't have any budget, but I had an incredible database of talented people - so I found one to create our first little page on Read More

A lot of my inspiration and coaching centers around relatively new grads and/or people in the NYC workforce for 5-10 years…simply because that is our speciality at Choice Fashion & Media. Last week, my mantras were put to the test as I was invited to speak to senior medical professionals at NYC’s renowned Mount Sinai Read More